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Strategies of War is a regional conference that was birthed with a mandate from the Lord to educate, equip and empower His people in the ministry of spiritual warfare. It will equip you to stand against this present darkness like never before. The host pastors are Apostle Warren and Pastor Tiara Curry from Life Changers Church located in Fairfield, Ohio.


The theme of this year’s conference is “AWARE” which is defined as: “Having knowledge of a situation or fact.” The Bible says that people lives are destroyed due to a lack of knowledge. Ignorance and a lack of awareness in the ministry of spiritual warfare has devastating effects on the lives of those who ignorantly become pawns in the enemy’s game. This year’s conference is designed to bring awareness to the tactics that the enemy seeks to employ to destroy the lives of people and the tools that God has given to you to overcome!
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Life Changers Church

The 2018 conference will be located at Life Changers Church located at 7474 Morris Road, Fairfield Township, OH 45011. We are located on the campus of Cincinnati Christian Schools.

Where Can I Stay?

Courtyard by Marriott Cincinnati North at Union Centre – Group Rate $119 – Blend of King with pull out + Double Queen rooms Rate Ends 05/11/2018

Book your group rate for Life Changers Church 

6250 Muhlhauser Road  |  West Chester, OH 45069  |  513-341-4140  |

Top among hotels in North Cincinnati, our modern accommodations strive to make your travel plans successful. With spacious guest rooms, The Bistro space to “Eat, Drink & Connect,” a new state-of-the-art lobby, Free Wi-Fi, coffee available all day at Starbucks and a full lounge available in the evenings. Other amenities include a fitness center, indoor swimming pool, whirlpool and 24-hour food market.

Strategies of War group rate ends on May 11, 2018. Other hotels are listed for the area.

Other Hotels Available in the area for booking listed below:

Holiday Inn Cincinnati North at Centre Park

5800 Mulhauser road  /  West Chester, OH 45069  /  513-874-2744  /

Welcome as you begin your journey to Centre Park and step into an extraordinary experience at the Holiday Inn Cincinnati North – West Chester featuring Ohio’s first Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse. Located 20 miles from Downtown Cincinnati and within minutes of I-275 and I-75, our hotel rises above all of the competition.

Hampton Inn & Suites Cincinnati-Union Centre 

9266 Schulze Drive  |  West Chester, OH 45069   |   513-341-2040   |

Completely renovated in 2015, your rate includes Free Hot Breakfast, Free Wi-Fi, Indoor Pool, Microwave and Refrigerator in every guest room, meeting space available. Hilton Honors available on every stay.

  Comfort Inn & Suites 

5944 West Chester Road   |   West Chester, OH 45069   |   513-645-1700   |

Offering Premium Bedding with both firm and soft pillows, Microwave and Refrigerator in every guest room, Free Wi-Fi, Free Hot Breakfast with plenty of Hearty and Healthy options and meeting space available.

Residence Inn by Marriott Cincinnati North at Union Centre -– King Studio Suite

6240 Muhlhauser Road  |  West Chester, OH 45069  |  513-341-4040  |

Let Residence Inn be your home away from home.  Perfect for the extended stay traveler, our rooms offer 50% more space than traditional hotel rooms and are equipped with fully equipped kitchen space, Free Wi-Fi, Free Breakfast daily, Complimentary Grocery Shopping Services, Indoor Pool and Sport Court.

Vendor Information

Please contact the church office at: (513) 341-5543 for more information.

Friday, May 25, 2018

“The Prayer Experience” (7:30pm)

Saturday, May 26, 2018

EQUIPP Workshops (9am-4pm)


Morning General Session: Spiritual Warfare w/Apostle Warren Curry

10:25am-11:25am (Workshop A)
• Soul Health
• Entering into Your Call
• Sexuality in the Church: Canceled
• Marriage & Ministry
• Rules of Engagement: Tips for Dating in the 21st Century

Remnant Room
11:30am-12:15pm (Workshop B)
• Breaking the Cycle of Addiction
• Life After Abuse
• Women in Ministry
• Communicating the Mind of God
• Identity & Sexuality (Youth Track)


Afternoon General Session: Living a Life of Freedom w/Apostle Warren Curry

2:45pm-4:00pm (Workshop C)
• *Church Growth (Special Track for Church leaders & their teams)
• Inner Healing
• Reconciling the Racial Gap
• Answered Prayer
• Standards in Social Media (Youth Track)

Closing Session

Sunday, May 27, 2018 (11am)

A Time of Ministry with John Eckhardt


Come and receive spiritual warfare training like you’ve never experienced before – Not just with words, but with DEMONSTRATION! Discover how to wage war with your worship, with prophecy, with healings, deliverance, and more! After this powerful time of worship, equipping, activation and impartation, you, your family and your ministry will never be the same!

If you’ve ever attended any of our conferences, you already know that Strategies of War is an event that you NEVER want to miss!

Come and experience an atmosphere supercharged with the Power and Purposes of God – Strategies of War!! You’ll Never Be the Same!


Churches and ministries are encouraged to bring their leadership teams, altar teams, administrative teams, worship teams, etc. to receive training and impartation. Or, bring your entire church body for a time of healing, deliverance and transformation they will never forget.



Are children allowed at the event?
Yes, but they must register.
Is my registration/ticket transferrable?
Registration for this year’s conference is free.
Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?
You can call the church office at (513) 341-5543.


2019 Early Registration
Get In Touch
If you have any questions or concerns, let us know and we will get back with you.

Strategies of War
Strategies of War is a regional conference that equips you to stand against this present darkness. It is a conference geared towards equipping the Saints in the ministry of spiritual warfare.
© 2018 Life Changers Church
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